Michelle Wang   HKG/LDN

I am a sustainability consultant in London. I have recently completed my postgraduate studies in MA Environment, Politics & Globalisation at King’s College London. My undergraduate degree was in architecture and I graduated from the Bartlett School of Architecture in June 2016.

From my studies, my areas of interest have revolved around the city — urbanism, the built environment, public policy, civil society and democracy. This blog partly documents events and lectures I have attended, looks at news that concern the built environment in London, and other musings from readings and travels.

At the moment, I am embarking on a journey of reflection and rediscovery through revisiting my Masters dissertation, which aims to explore the role of civil society groups in facilitating public participation in policy making through studying the draft London Plan consultation process. The paper grounds itself in the study of public engagement in democratic societies, post-politics, and the scope for change in how civil society groups can influence policy making processes. Please follow my blog if you are intrigued!